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A simple concept. I belong to him, and, in a less sexual manner, he is mine as well. His blog, which I highly recommend, is:
I welcome any feedback. (Not safe for work, adults only, please.)

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Model: Becky
Rope & photo: DaddySharp

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He was a super meanie today (I totes provoked it. I sort of actually asked for it) and my butt hurts more than anything should hurt ever. It’s not even bruised, just these massive welts all over. They’ll be bruises soon, I’m sure. And he fucked my ass with very minimal lube and it hurts every time I move. And now I have to put in the plug for bed. Life is so nice and awful at the same time. Being a masochist is confusing.

Jeanne Moreau and Jean-Marc Bory, in Louis Malle’s Les Amants, 1958.