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A simple concept. I belong to him, and, in a less sexual manner, he is mine as well. His blog, which I highly recommend, is:
I welcome any feedback. (Not safe for work, adults only, please.)


ph. .flo


ph. .flo

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Creepyyeha - Kelilah Chokers - $65

Oh my gosh. Someone buy me one? These are so so gorgeous.



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The darling is a buttface.

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"Fetishes are only ethical when they involve mutual consent and when everyone has the ability to step back. That’s not possible with racial fetishes, which is why they shouldn’t be tolerated in the fetish community or anywhere else. This isn’t about ‘preference’ or things that are out of your control. This is about race, history, culture, and a refusal to acknowledge your role in the complex systems used to maintain our social structure. As long as it’s okay to objectify women on the basis of their race, women of colour will never be equal."

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